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ATD reserves the right to charge for missed reservations. Please cancel your reservation by e-mailing at least 24 hours before the event for luncheons. See other event descriptions for details.

Upcoming events

    • May 04, 2015
    • 9:00 AM
    • May 06, 2015
    • 4:00 PM
    • Bethel University, 5885 Ridgeway Center Pkwy #100, Memphis (near Poplar and I-240)
    • 9
    Need to brush up on your Adobe Captivate skills? Or learn them from scratch?

    Dive in and learn how to use Adobe Captivate in this hands-on series of workshops. You don’t need any experience with this engaging software to join the class; learn beginning and advanced techniques along with best practices. Get slick production tips, tricks and best practices that will make your e-learning the best it can be. Receive expert guidance on building lively customized interactions, screen characters, innovative quizzes, high-quality recording, and effective collaboration with other software.

    Do I need to attend all three days of workshops? It depends on your level of use -

    Current Captivate 8 users

    • Pick and choose the days you want to attend.

    New Captivate 8 users

    • You are highly encouraged to attend all three days if you're new to Captivate 8, even if you have used previous versions of Adobe Captivate. The changes to the tool are THAT significant!

    What should I bring? You should bring your laptop with a working version of Adobe Captivate 8. (Note: Captivate 8 is a significant change from earlier versions, so be sure to have Captivate 8 installed. Prior versions do not have all the features of Captivate 8.)

    What if I don't have Captivate? You can download a free 30-day trial version of Captivate from If you have an expired trial on your laptop then, rather buying the product, you can take out a month-to-month subscription via the Adobe website.

    What are the workshop hours? Each workshop will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m., with an hour break for lunch.

    Will you feed me? Yes! We're not like most workshops where you get a map of nearby restaurants as part of your packet. We want you to get the most from this training, so we're providing a hot lunch each day of training.

    What about dinner? We're glad you asked. On Wednesday evening, May 6 (day three of training), we are conducting an e-Learning Round Table discussion and dinner with three e-learning gurus. If you register for two or three days of training, you can attend the dinner for FREE! You'll still need to register for the dinner just so we can include you, and we'll tell you how in an e-mail after you register for the workshop. Seating at the dinner is limited to 50 participants, so register for this workshop no later than March 29 to be sure you get a seat at the dinner. Beginning March 30, we will open up dinner registration to those not attending the workshop.


    If you're new to Captivate or you simply plan to absorb all there is to offer, register for all three days, pack up your laptop, and come spend three days with us. BUT, if you want to pick and choose the days you want to attend, that's OK too. Pick any one or two days you want. We're flexible!

    Day 1 - Beginner

    • What Can Captivate Do?
    • Understanding Captivate
    • The Timeline and Stage Objects
    • The Properties Window
    • Object Type: Smart Shapes
    • Object Type: Text Captions
    • Object Type: Images
    • Object Type: Audio
    • Object Type: Video
    • Effects and Animations

    Day 2 - Intermediate

    • Going to the Library
    • Using Rollovers to Create Exploratory Screens
    • Publishing Your File
    • Interactive Objects: Buttons
    • Interactive Objects: Text Entry Boxes
    • Interactive Objects: Click Boxes
    • Interactive Objects: Text Links
    • Software Simulations
    • Creating Quizzes

    Day 3 - Advanced

    • All About HTML5 and Responsive Design
    • Tell, Then Test vs. Test, Then Tell
    • Creating a Soft Skills Simulation
    • Planning Our Soft Skills Simulation
    • Step-by-Step Test-then-Tell Responsive Design Project
    • Variables and Advanced Actions


    Joe Ganci is president of eLearning Joe, a custom learning company. Since 1983 he has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development. Joe is widely considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development, and he consults with clients worldwide. His eLearning tool reviews appear each month in Learning Solutions Magazine, and he has been the recipient of several awards for his work in eLearning, including being selected as an eLearning Guild Master. His mission is to improve the quality of eLearning with practical approaches that work. He loves to help others achieve their goals.   

    • May 06, 2015
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Bethel University, 5885 Ridgeway Center Pkwy #100, Memphis (near Poplar and I-240)
    • 35

    Join 3 Distinguished E-Learning Thought Leaders for Dinner.

    ATD Memphis is pleased to offer you an opportunity to meet and interact with three noted e-learning thought leaders who are well-known and highly respected throughout our industry. There won't be any presentations to sit through. Instead, you will be able to interact with these key leaders in a 90-120 minute moderated panel discussion about anything related to e-learning.

    You will also have time to network with other training and development professionals. Dinner is included in the registration price.

    Registration opens March 30 for ATD Memphis chapter members, April 3 for non-members. Those who register and pay for the Adobe Captivate two or three day workshops will be able to register prior to March 30.

    Target Audience

    Anyone currently working in the e-Learning field or hoping to get started in it. This session is for you, so be sure to bring your questions!


    Joe Ganci
    President, eLearning Joe 

    Joe Ganci is president of eLearning Joe, a custom learning company. Since 1983 he has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development. Joe is considered a guru for his expertise in eLearning development, and he consults with clients worldwide. His eLearning tool reviews appear each month in Learning Solutions Magazine, and he has been the recipient of several awards for his work in eLearning, including being selected as an eLearning Guild Master. His mission is to improve the quality of eLearning with practical approaches that work. He loves to help others achieve their goals. 

    Kevin Thorn
    Chief NuggetHead and Owner, NuggetHead Studioz

    Kevin Thorn is an award-winning eLearning designer with over 30 years’ experience in the training industry, with the last decade in eLearning. After retiring from the Army as a trainer, Kevin earned a Technology Management degree in pursuit of an IT career. When his interest in technology mashed with his passion for training, he found a new career in eLearning. Kevin’s experience in instructional design, storyboarding, eLearning development, LMS implementation, illustration, graphic design, storytelling, cartooning, and comics provides an awareness and knowledge to successfully work any eLearning project from cradle to grave. 

    Bob Taylor
    Founder and CEO, OrgWide Services


    Bob brings 35+ years of hands-on management, real-world leadership, and business experience to OrgWide Services. With 1,000+ relevant training and development projects to his credit, Bob brings a breadth of experience and perspective shaped by a clear understanding of what’s possible and what works.  A former Sr. Manager in FedEx's world-recognized Leadership Institute, Bob first learned the leadership trade by practicing and applying his lessons in the trenches. After an impressive career in operations, Bob was invited back to headquarters to train and develop other leaders at the Leadership Institute.  As a result of Bob's success at FedEx's Leadership Institute, and specifically his work in the area of organizational diversity and inclusion, he was asked to help found and serve as Director of Training for the Memphis Race Relations and Diversity Institute.  In 1995, after managing the Institute for several years, Bob launched RFTaylor & Company, a management and training consultancy serving such corporate clients as Emerson Electric, FedEx, Hilton Corporation, and Nike, Inc., to name a few.


    Trey Martindale, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Instruction Curriculum Leadership
    University of Memphis

    Trey Martindale is an Associate Professor in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) program with the University of Memphis. He is a research scientist with the University of Memphis Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS), a collection of researchers from computer science, cognitive science, engineering, and linguistics who are creating intelligent tutoring and instructional systems of the future. Dr. Martindale’s research and expertise is in the design and analysis of online learning environments. He has contributed to the creation of three fully online masters degree programs at three universities, and a fully online doctoral program. He has developed many online courses and has pioneered the effective pedagogical use of social software tools for enabling collaborative learning environments. Dr. Martindale is a consultant to companies and organizations seeking to improve their employee training and performance. Recent clients include FedEx, Cummins Engine Inc., the Wolf River Conservancy, U.S. Learning, and the University of Mississippi. He has served on the review board for Educational Technology Research and Development, Quarterly Review of Distance Education, the Journal of Applied Instructional Design, and the British Journal of Educational Technology. He is currently serving a third elected term on the Board of Directors of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.


    We would like to thank OrgWide Services for sponsoring this event. 

    • June 09, 2015
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Bethel University, 5885 Ridgeway Center Pkwy #100, Memphis (near Poplar and I-240)

    Developing T-Shaped People

    Universities produce individuals who are deeply knowledgeable about one discipline. But what organizations need is an employee who is able to handle information from multiple sources, advance professional relationships across different organizations, contribute innovatively to organizational practices, and communicate with understanding across social, cultural, economic and scientific disciplines. That’s a T-shaped person – someone deep in one discipline, but also broad in many – knowledgeable in a number of disciplines, armed with many “soft skills,” – an innovator.

    If we can’t realistically expect T-shaped people to come out of universities, we will have to develop them. Come hear about T-shaped people and how we can go about developing them in our organizations.

    Jana Markowitz is an experienced IT management consultant and organization development (OD) professional. Her experience includes providing organizational change management for large IT projects as well as teaching people skills to IT and engineering professionals.

    Jana founded The Collective Mind, a boutique consulting firm, in 1994 after a 15 year career as a technology and strategic planning consultant at IBM. Clients include NASA, Sears, Hilton Hotels, Buckman and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

    She holds a BS in Computer Science and Math from Vanderbilt University and a MS in Organizational Psychology from the University of Memphis. Jana is also co-author with Bill Berghel, PMP, of the book Shifting Sands: The People Side of Project Management (2013).

    • August 11, 2015
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Bethel University, 5885 Ridgeway Center Pkwy #100, Memphis (near Poplar and I-240)

    More infomation is on its way...


    Dale Johnson, M.S.Ed., VHA-CM

    Education Specialist

    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


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